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Return Process

About... the Return Process: Multiply Technology stands behind the process and quality of our computers, but in the event that a unit is received in a condition other than we have claimed, we will work swiftly to correct the concern. Above all, we strive to be a great partner to all of our stakeholders. This return process is meant to ensure that we are not taken advantage of and that we have common business practices implemented as safeguards. If an issue or return is needed for a CPR store, we offer a 5-business day “Dead on Arrival” return period from the date of receiving the shipment, meaning it does not turn or function as described, not including grading disputes. We advise that upon receipt of any computer, the condition should be documented according to your team’s processes and standards so we can immediately be notified of any issues. To start the return process, please send an email to that includes 1.) the order ID of your purchase 2.) the serial number of the device you are referencing 3.) a description of the issue 4.) a photo or video to provide evidence and clarity of the issue. Once we have verified that the machine did originate from our store and that the issue was outside of the quality or condition that we have claimed, we will ship a replacement computer with the same specs, and will also provide a return label for the computer in question. Any computer that has already been sold to another person and returned back to a CPR store will not be covered, as we cannot ascertain when the damage or issues occurred. Also, if any computer has been disassembled or repaired by a CPR store, we will not be able to process the return as we won’t have an opportunity to verify the issue before any repairs are made. In short, computers must be in the same condition as when they were received. Multiply Technology performs OEM onboard diagnostics on all computers prior to shipping them from our facility, and we keep full documentation of the issues and defects of each computer. All returns and exchanges will be handled on a case by case basis. If we find the computer that was returned was mishandled or the issue in question is not as described, we reserve the right to charge for the replacement computer. We will never seek to take advantage of any of our customers or partners. We will be upfront and honest in our transactions and also expect a high standard of those same values with anyone we work with as well.